B Movie Sunday

Mr. Austerity collects movies and he’s got a pretty large collection.  Mainly he likes to collect Disney movies on VHS format.  He has over 200 Disney films in his collection and he spends a lot of time at thrift stores sorting through the bins to find movies to add to it.  His collection includes classic animated films, cartoons and features, nature films, live action films, and propaganda and marketing films produced during World War 2 to sell war bonds to fund the war and generate support for the war.  He also loves to find obscure Disney titles that were distributed by Anchor Bay such as Watcher In The Woods and The Legend of Lobo.  Which leads us to our latest pastime; B Movie Sunday.  We’ve found a nice way to cap off the weekend and ease into the workweek by kicking back on Sunday evenings and enjoying B movies.  It started a few weeks ago when he’d found a title called The Running Man, a 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It had a promising premise and smart storyline, but cheap special effects and lame dialog were enough to qualifiy it in the B category.  All in all, it was  entertaining enough to hook us on this new pastime and send Mr. Austerity in search of more films like it, which was no problem at all for him.  Trust me when I tell you the thrift store bins are full of them.  I won’t recount all of the titles we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks.  But one in particular is worth noting.   It combines several of our favorite things, locations like Treasure Island Florida and Walt Disney World, a cast that includes Hulk Hogan and Mrs. Garrett (Edna Rae) from The Facts of Life and a stealth speed boat named Thunder. Combine all those, blend at medium speed for 2-3 minutes, and you get Thunder In Paradise!  I won’t review the movie here because Mr. Austerity has published an excellent review on his social media and I’m going to steal that for my next post.  All I’ll say is that the same cast and crew filmed a TV series of the same name that lasted for one season, and I cannot wait to watch it.  Maybe we’ll start a new B TV series Sunday night sometime soon.

Mrs. Austerity  

A Loving Memory

We were all together with Mr. Austerity’s family last week to honor the memories of such a wonderful person’s passing.  I’m so thankful for his family and that I am able to be a part of it.  His mom and dad are like parents to me and more than that, close friends.  We spent so much free time hanging out with them when we were a young family.  I’ll always cherish those memories.   Its so comforting as a family to listen to the stories of how the person you love and respect impacted the lives of others.  Those who attended the memorial shared with us so many of the kind and generous ways that our beloved dad/father-in-law/grandfather had touched their lives.  He loved serving others and worked tirelessly in his community and even was elected to serve in their Silver haired legislature multiple terms; traveling to the state capital to draft and present bills that were adding into legislation.

Mrs. Austerity

My New Time Waster

All of a sudden I’m wasting wayyyy too much time watching random Periscope’s.  I stumbled on the Periscope  IPhone app when a Disney blogger was broadcasting the Magic Kingdom fireworks one evening.  I really enjoyed watching the fireworks that night.  Like I was there in person  Live.  BAM!!  I was hooked.  I don’t know if its just me but almost all of the Persicope’s are either at Disney or church.  Two of my favorite things.  Meaning there’s always something I want to watch.  Oh and there’s also @Adamthewoo.  Look it up, you won’t be sorry.

Mrs. Austerity  

For Such A Time As This

I like to listen to an audio Bible on my drive in to work and the last few days I’ve been captivated by the book of Esther.  Its a short book, only 10 Chapters, and I can listen to the entire book during my 30 minute commute.  I’ve quoted one of the most famous verses in that book in my blog title (Esther 4:14).  I listened to it every morning for a whole week and every day as I listened questions were rolling through my brain.  I kept intending to jot them down when I arrived at work for researching later; my mental notes fading quickly once the tasks of the workday clicked in. I finally set aside some time this weekend to begin what I’m hoping will be an in-depth study of this book.  I’m not a Bible scholar by any stretch, I don’t have any commentaries or Hebrew/Greek study Bibles.  I use my favorite translation of the Bible when I study, the New American Standard, which was a gift to me back in the early 80’s from my beloved mother-in-law.  She gave my husband and I each a copy of The Open Bible, published by Thomas Nelson in 1979.  The New American Standard translation, or NASB as its commonly called, was a revision of the American Standard Version first published in 1901, using as its basis the 1611 King James translation.  The NASB translation project began in 1959 with a goal of incorporating modern ‘American’ English.  It was first published in 1960 and the Bible I own was from a translation last updated in 1977.  Interestingly, I have lost and found this Bible multiple times over the 30+ years I’ve owned it, sometimes it was missing for more than a year before it surfaced.  Fortunately for me my husband’s exact copy was available to sub in during those times.  His preference is the King James so he wasn’t as attached to his Open Bible, and didn’t mind me confiscating it.  Because of those swap out periods, both copies have my notes in them; notes from my own personal study or notes I’ve taken during church or Bible study.  Bible notes are a sort of diary or journal, they record seasons of life from a unique perspective.  They also record things like long forgotten friend’s phone numbers, as mine does inside the front cover, and young children’s handwriting practice, as mine does on the last page.  Needless to say, I do not EVER want to permanently lose these precious artifacts of my life’s history.  Right now I’m again using my husband’s copy, but this time I know where my copy is.  My sweet son wanted a Bible and when he moved into his own place, he took my Open Bible with him.  I hope as he reads it, he learns more about the God who loves him, and also, as he reads my notes scribbled in margins and on blank sheets, he learns more about the momma who loves him too.
Mrs. Austerity

Plans and Instructions

Our family is making preparations for a Memorial Service to honor Grandpa Curtis’ life. No one was a bit surprised that he had left a notebook with instructions for handling his burial and estate. In it he included a draft obituary, the plans for his remains, and the copy of his will, entrusting his sons to complete them after he passed. What a blessing for a family to have something like that. His wish was that no funeral or viewing be held; only allowing that a memorial service could be held if the heirs agreed. I’m thankful that the brothers agreed to host a memorial service in his hometown, and opened it up for any and all to attend. Grandpa spent almost half of his life in that small town, and he has impacted so many of the lives there in positive ways. I anticipate that the church fellowship hall will be packed to overflowing as people come to share memories of this wonderful man and his legacyMrs. Austerity

We’ll See You Again

Yesterday morning at about 2:30 am Grandpa Curtis’ breathing slowed and then stopped.  Because of his Do Not Rescusitate order, the hospital staff allowed him to slip away peacefully.  Just an hour earlier he had requested that his nurse give him a shave and brush his teeth, and she took care of the requests for him, leaving him resting comfortably once she finished.  We received the phone call at about 3 am from Mr. Austerity’s brother, and we were both sad for our loss but also happy for Grandpa.  He had been confused since the last surgery, his always sharp mind now playing tricks on him about the people and the surroundings and causing him to respond in ways his pre-surgery self never had.  He had begun asking for prayer that God would take him home, and by His grace, He did.  Now its a new season for all of us who loved him and depended on him, including his precious wife, whom he married 15 years ago.  She’s become as beloved to all of us as she was to him, and while she’s a strong and independent woman, we all want to be a support to her as she adjusts to life without her husband and we adjust to life without him too. 

 I’m so thankful that I was his daughter-in-law and can’t wait until the day when I’ll see him again.   

Mrs. Austerity 


Delighted Customers

First off; isn’t delighted an unusual word to describe someone who’s beyond happy? Most of the time when a word begins with ‘de’ it means just the opposite. Like deflated, or deactivated. I’d much rather be activated or inflated. But in this case delighted totally describes how happy I was when I took a broken keyboard to the Apple store near my house. Its the bluetooth keyboard that I use with my Apple TV and my Ipad. I took it to the store because the “N” key stopped working. In actuality the “N” key hadn’t worked since I bought the keyboard second hand, but that didn’t make a bit of difference to Apple. They took my keyboard and handed me a replacement, no questions asked. Possibly thinking that I had paid the $60 that the keyboard cost brand new, when Mr. Austerity actually paid $3.99. Not a bad swap. And in the grand scheme, since most likely someone had paid Apple $60 at one time to take home that keyboard, they got their money and I got to be delighted.

Thanks Apple, for charging your customers enough the first time to pay for the replacement item too. In my book, that’s them thinking ahead, way ahead.

Mrs. Austerity