Selling Our Stuff

We are trying to sell a few things and we are struggling with how to do this. How do you market used item to get the most money and sell them reasonably stress free. Not on Craigslist, that’s for sure. Years ago we put our car on Craigslist when we bought a new one, a few people came to look at it and one of them bought it. Simple. Last week we listed our van for sale and it’s been nothing but weirdness. Multiple people emailing to ask if it’s still for sale and when we reply yes – nothing. Are they just taking a poll?  Someone arranged a time to come see it and when they were late to the prearranged meeting place we checked with them via text to see how long they would be. They wrote back they didn’t have enough money and weren’t coming.  Did they just count their change jar – how do you suddenly realize you don’t have $2000?  At least five or six people sent stupid low “cash” offers sight unseen. Were they thinking we’d let them pay by credit card if they paid full price?  And don’t get me started on the ridiculous grammar in some inquiries – they have to be from a teeny bopper in a far off third world country playing internet pranks for entertainment. It’s a good car,  a brand with a solid reliability reputation at a very affordable price. Why isn’t an honest buyer coming our way?  


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