Mothers Day Weekend

Today is Mother’s Day 2017 – and its been a beautiful weekend here.  Friday was a cloudy, chilly, unpleasant day – but then about 5 p.m. the sun broke through the clouds and it just got better and better as the weekend rolled on.  Saturday was warm and sunny and we readied the garden for planting by raking back last fall’s leaves that were covering and protecting it and tilling up the soil with our electric tiller.  I was glad as I began digging into the moist earth to see there were many earthworms that call the garden home.  Later we pressed the earth down around the Roma and Early Girl and Super Sweet tomato plants we had purchased a few days ago and set the sprinkler in the center of them all.  Mr. Austerity set it so the sprinkler will click on and off on a set schedule – to help them become established and keep them moist over the next few weeks.  This spring has been especially wet, so we want to be careful that the plants don’t end up with blossom end rot – a condition that ruined much of our harvest last summer.    I love tomatoes and their fresh from the garden taste in our salsas and on sandwiches.  I am always so hopeful when I put the garden in – that it will yield enough fruit to make it worth the work.  I’ll let you know if that turns out to be true.


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