Upside of driving

How many times have you been given the middle finger by other drivers?  I’m really interested in your answer to that.  Because the times its happening to me is on the upswing and I want to determine whether I’ve changed or drivers have changed.  Yes, I am getting older, so theoretically my driving habits should be changing.  I should be driving slower in the fast lane, leaving my blinker on for long periods, and making bad driving decisions.  And I am driving an entirely different category of vehicle than I’ve driven before – my past vehicles were family cruisers – like the Toyota van we recently sold, or the Ford station wagon we had before that.  The vehicle I drive now is the Wrangler I won, a Rubicon on 35 inch off-roading tires and I’m the first to admit it looks a bit intimidating.  Maybe even aggressive?  So if I change lanes at the same time a driver that’s several cars back decides to change into that same lane – do they take that personally?  I’ll give you an example.  Today I was sitting at a stoplight with a motorcycle in front of me and a large panel truck in front of him.  We were all waiting to turn left and there were two left turn lanes.  Because the inside left turn lane was blocked due to road construction, I was sitting in the second turn lane.  Once I make the turn I need to be in the inside lane and make an immediate left turn into my company’s parking lot.  As the stoplight switches to green to allow us to begin our turns, we all slowly accelerate.  The motorcycle in front of me is trying to move over into the far right lane, likely to enter the freeway entrance ramp.  And I glance to my left and check my driver’s side mirror  – to move into that inside lane I mentioned.  As I do that I see another vehicle several cars back making the same move and we both end up in the same lane; the difference being that driver is accelerating until on my bumper and stays there – because neither of us can move past the large panel truck in front of us both.  And as I’m readying for my turn into my parking lot – said driver moves into the far right lane and manages simultaneously to road rage the motorcycle driver and put his ‘middle’ finger out the window at me.  It surprised and kind of annoyed me, but mostly it made me anxious for him.  Because the driver of the Harley that he was road raging could have easily taught him an ‘unforgettable lesson’ –  he looked – well I’ll just call it like I see it – a bit intimidating himself.  Instead, he just hit the freeway on-ramp and let it rip.


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